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The Strike/Bones ramblings

Cheers to the WGA and everyone who put us out of our misery by ending the strike.  Because it's all about me and my tv enjoyment right? 

Seriously, I'm glad they resolved things but I have a confession to make:   Although I can't wait for new eps of 'Bones', I've actually been pretty content to bask in the post-Santa in the Slush glow.  I'm almost a little nervous about the new ways Booth and Brennan are  going to be kept from each other.  Like the horror I have that another Sully is on the horizon.  I mean, it's tv, so something is going to happen to 'shake things up' isn't it?  Not that I'm ready for happily ever after but if I have watch Booth have sex with his socks on again - with someone other than Brennan - then I might scream.  

So in the spirit of the new eps we hope to have, what do we want to happen next?  A new character, some courtroom drama with Max, or some additional post-kiss tension?



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Feb. 16th, 2008 08:16 pm (UTC)
God, I know what you mean... they're both well-structured, hot-blooded people right ;) They can't seriously both be single for another couple of seasons... I am hoping stuff with Max comes up because I love all the stuff with him, and I think it creates great opportunity for tension between BB but also hurt/comfort stuff from Booth which I just love...

LMAO at Booth having sex in his socks. I guess that shows how much he valued that particular roll in the hay - it was why I had Brennan ask him if he'd kept his socks on in chap 1 of white flag and him reply, 'No!' LOL. I'm so sad.

Back on the kiss... I'd love some moments of post-kiss tension. Would be great for Ange to find out, but that might be a fanfic dream only. It's odd that Baby in the Bough would have originally been shown before Santa in the Slush as we obviously won't get mention of 'The Kiss' in that one.

Well I am another who has been basking in that glow... judging by the amount of fic written around the kiss we're not the only ones :)
Feb. 16th, 2008 09:21 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I'm having a hard time buying that Booth hasn't had a date since that fake one with Cam for her dad's birthday. Now Brennan is a little antisocial, so it's not as much of a stretch but Booth - he'd have to beat them off with a stick.
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