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Swallowing Razors - Bones FanFiction

Title: Swallowing Razors
Author: Doc_3
Pairing: B/Bish
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Anything up to this week’s ep is fair game
Summary: II of II of missing scene ficlets from Con Man in the Meth Lab. This one is shorter than Part I, but something I had to add.  Takes into account events of Part I.

Part I Here



“My dad drank.”

Three tiny little words but they loomed large there between them; both of them realizing the moment was bigger than sharing a piece of cake neither tasted, but neither of them willing to acknowledge it.

Once, a lifetime ago, she hadn’t known how to give and receive comfort. He taught her that; he gave her the words, showed her the simple touch. Angela had told her long ago that sometimes the pressure of a friend’s hand meant more than words, but Booth had shown her.

Swallowing icing that felt like sawdust in her mouth, she spoke, “Did he… was he physically abusive, Booth?”

There was no hesitation in his answer, as if he’d been anticipating the question.

“Sometimes. Mostly it was a lot of yelling and throwing things. He lost a lot of friends in the war, a lot of buddies never made it home from Vietnam.”

“Booth, that’s not …”

“It’s not an excuse, Bones, just the truth. He was like a lot men that went over there – just not the same when he came back. He couldn’t control his temper when he drank, so I just stayed out of his way.”

She really wanted to put a hand on his arm but felt she hadn’t earned back the right – even with her heartfelt birthday toast.

“What about Jared?”

“Let’s just say he didn’t always make the smartest moves when it came to staying out of trouble – just like now.”

He leaned back with a sigh. “I don’t know Bones, I mean, they say alcoholism is genetic, and looking at Jared sometimes I wonder. It scares me to think about what I might be handing down to my son.”

This time she didn’t fight the urge to shift her body to face him, reaching over with her left hand to grab his forearm.

“Booth, no. Absolutely not. There is no concrete evidence that addictive behavior is genetic. Yes, some studies support the theory but it is not absolute.”

“Alcoholic, gambler – an addiction is an addiction, Bones.”

Former gambler, Booth – there is a difference. You recognized you were repeating a destructive behavior and you stopped. Parker can be proud that you took control of your situation – nothing at all like your father or your brother.”

He didn’t meet her eyes, just stared at her hand gripping his arm. With his right hand he reached over and loosened her fingers, prying them away and them taking them lightly in his.

Glancing up, he fought the words that came unbidden to his lips.

As long as it takes,” was what he’d told Cam, and he wasn’t exactly sure what it was he thought would take so long. His courage catching up with his heart – perhaps. A sign from her that he wasn’t in this alone – the look in her eyes said that wait could be short. Whatever it was he was waiting for, he knew he’d know when the wait was over.

The words in his heart were tamped down and he gave her a half smile and rose still holding her hand. “C’mon Bones, let’s join the party. They’ll have eaten all of my cake.”

She stood a little awkwardly, her center of gravity off with one arm out of commission, and he retained his grip on her hand until she was steady. For one beat longer than absolutely necessary, then he let her fingers slip from his.

Turning to go inside, he stopped at her voice.

“Wait, Booth. Your present.”

Glancing back he watched her fumble a little then pulled a long white envelope from her sling. She handed it to him with her lip snared between her teeth.

“What’s this? I thought that speech was my birthday present, you know - about me being better than plumage or baubles.”

She rolled her eyes and said, “Just open it.”

He pulled what appeared to be airline tickets from the envelope and stared at them.

“Bones? Tell me these aren’t …”

“Two tickets to Honolulu. For you and Parker – I got open dates because I didn’t know when he would have a vacation from school. I called Rebecca this morning and she said it was okay.”

“Bones – these are first class – I can’t…” he tried to hand them back to her but she put her good arm behind her back, refusing to accept them.

“You can. You deserve this, and I know you’ll enjoy it more if you can share it with Parker. You are a good father, Booth.”

Overwhelmed by what he felt for her at that moment, he could only grin. Maybe ‘as long as it takes’ wouldn’t be so long after all.

End Part II

A/N: I’m sure that some of you were hoping for a more B&B romantic ending, but I think this is where we are right now and I’m okay with that. I love that this dance of theirs is bringing them closer together every week. Thanks for reading!


Feb. 24th, 2010 02:48 am (UTC)
Yes. Their history does add to B/B. Cam and Brennan understand him in different ways, and even though he is in love with Brennan (as it should be) it's great for Booth to have another person who is much more "normal" who knows him as well. :)