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Okay, so I didn't hate it.    There were even things I liked.  But I'm left feeling a little .... deflated/confused/meh.

- First, the AU part was pretty cool and I loved all the squints and their new "lives".  Particularly Clark, Vincent, and Wendell.  Those three were priceless. 

- I'm confused about the clocks - but the more I think about it, the more I think that  -  what if - one clock was in her imagination as she wrote, and the other was in his drug-induced coma dream?  That would explain the two different ones, and go along with HH's assertions that it is not a dream or a hallucination.  ESP?  Shared consciousness?  (Maybe HH watches 'Fringe'.)

- I don't like the idea of amnesia.  That could be handled very badly by this writing team - the one's that created goof!Booth - and really damage a lot of the progress we've seen in 4 years

-IF amnesia was handled well, I do think it would be be fun -sort of - to see Brennan realize her feelings for him, while he is the one that's totally unaware

- If it's short term, or just simply post brain-surgery confusion - it can still be done well next season

Regardless, I'm a little let down.  This was soooo not what I expected/hoped for.