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FInale Reaction - SPOILERS

So.... deep breath .... I think I'm okay with the ending, but a little sad.

I thought there would be more of a cliffie, maybe something more dramatic right before the screen went black. 

To skip right to the end, because that's what we're all going to remember ...

- SidePart!Booth takes my breath away.  Just when I think I'm immune to DB's hotness, he puts on desert fatigues and boots and rocks the side part and I'm a quivering mass of jello again. 

- Cam's "Oh My God" made me lol, because I said the same thing just then.

- Of course I wanted them to kiss.  And for a second I thought it was going to happen.  But then I remembered what happened the last time Booth gambled with his heart and realized he wouldn't do it a second time.  

- Her plea for him not to be a hero actually made me tear up.

- And the hand holding?  As much as my shipper heart wanted a kiss, the hand holding and plan to meet a year later was perfect.  That's where they are - that's what their relationship is - and it felt true to them, as much as I wanted to see more.

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