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Mini Bones!Fic - And Yet He Walks - Finale Spoilers


Title: And Yet He Walks
Fandom: Bones
Category: Mini-fic Post-finale Reaction
Rating: K

I never, never, never write mini-fic.  And I never, never, never write fic immediately after an ep.  But these few lines wouldn't leave my head. ( I reserve the right to re-use them for real fic in the future.)

SPOILERS for Bones Finale


Walking away from her is the hardest thing he’ll do this year.

Training men so young he sees Parker every time he looks into their eyes, knowing some of them won’t make it home, is hard. 

Cleaning sand from a weapon so it doesn’t fail in the face of an enemy that breathes to spill your blood, knowing your life and those of your comrades rests upon the removal of that sand, is hard.

Taking that first step onto the gritty tarmac at Ft. Bragg, the first humid breath of American air inhaled in a year, surrounded by families and waving flags and knowing there is not a face in the crowd for you, is hard.

But letting her hand, the fine bones belying the steel of her grip, slip from his, physically forcing himself to let go of the woman he loves, is the single most difficult act of his life. 

And yet he walks.



Tags: bones, fan fiction

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