LJ Rant

Am I the only one that LJ has been fucking with lately?  Every time I edit my Favorite Fics post, it erases half of it.  Which takes FOREVER to recreate!

*so pissed off I can't see straight*

Bones fic Rec

In the words of TT:

plz to be reading this

it's an intense!Booth fic, set early in the series (about the time Bones was with David) and about half of it is posted right now.  I believe there are 30 chapters total, and the original author's note indicates they are complete and just the posting of all of them remains.


What I Want From Season 5 ...

britt1975 started this and I thought I'd add my two cents...

(There may be spoilers but probably just speculation).

♥ More Cam as Shipper Number One - Her little nudges - particularly to Booth - are always my favorite scenes.

♥ Jealous!Brennan - what can I say, I would love to see Booth go out on a hot date or two and Brennan be the one all wigged out and jealous. (but not with Perotta. I actually like her and I want someone we can all righteously dislike).

♥ Intense!Booth - DB was made to play moody and dark. It's in his DNA or something. The man can f'ing act and intense and/or emotional scenes would play to his strength more than the goof!Booth scenes we were subjected to this past year.

♥ Hodgins and Angela having to figure things out over time - The demise of that relationship was too quick and very bizarre. I'd like for them to actually act like a real couple and not just in one episode get back together and everything be perfect.

♥ Resolution for Zack - I can't go through another season thinking about him in that facility when he's innocent, and I'd like to see that storyline explored.

And more than anything, I'd love for an episode or storyline arc to grab me and compel me to start writing again. What we were given last season just left me uninspired.